Animal Communication & Healing class actually WORKED!

This past weekend I taught an animal communication and animal healing class.  It was SO much fun!

Molly the cutiest
Creative Commons License photo credit: Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi

I showed participants a very simple and effective process for opening our channels and connecting in a powerful way to the animal kingdom.  Our pet companions were most eager to participate and share their insights with us.

Most everyone in the group had clear and direct communications right away and that was JUST the beginning.

One woman upon returning home went into meditation the next day and had an unexpected “visitor” from out of nowhere!  She wrote this to me yesterday:

“I had something strange happen yesterday.  I was meditating (using a seed word through a program and are told very directly to not have our animals in the room while we are meditating.) and a beautiful gray cat jumped into my lap. (The cat wasn’t on this plane guys)~ I actually felt and saw the cat.  This is new for me.   I also felt like I knew the cat.  I said hi, and then said I am meditating and you should not be here.  Well, the cat was well behaved and left.  This morning, I kept trying to place the cat and I think it was my Dad’s cat that disappeared several years ago.  Will they just come in like that with no calling or was this cat trying to give me a message?  Hey, I am very excited because I am not usually visual like this.  YAHOO.  But do have questions.
Thank you Erica! Angels, Love & Light,Kathy”

Well YES Kathy…..that CAN happen.  You set the intention to be able to do animal communication, your channels are WIDE open now, and voila~ you ARE communicating!

It is funny, I said to her, “you took the class did you think it was going to stay in the classroom?”

Very cute story.

You know at one time it was not odd or remotely considered a “special gift” to commune and speak with nature, plants, crystals, animals etc.  We are in times now that we are Re~mem~bering, who we really are.

We are ONE……the Earth, stars, sun, moon, humanity, dirt, insects, plants, flowers…..all of it.  We can speak with ~ all of it.

this is nothing special, it is natural and simple really.

Communing with all of nature gets us back in our bodies, our hearts and helps us to see the magnificence and awe that the Universe really is.

Sandy Hook Sunset
Creative Commons License photo credit: Sister72

People in the class were able to discuss with their animal friends about behavior issues, there was one kitty who was going to the bathroom in various places OTHER than the local kitty box, ugh!  But we received some pretty helpful information that is going to remedy that issue once and for all!

We had some animal companions who have crossed over and were able to be re-connected with their owners through this medium and it was very healing and beautiful for all involved.  Knowing that you can indeed continue your relationship with those animals and people you love after they have transitioned is just an experience beyond words.

Tears were shed, but they were healing tears, cleansing tears and tears of relief!

People had experiences when doing the communications that consisted of smells, feelings, hearing words, visions, touch (some people could actually FEEL the energy and essence of a fuzzy friend nestling right up to them!), and knowings.

It was so cool to see how everyone’s gifts were unfolding, each person was so unique and different.

And the classroom was JUST the beginning for these folks, as you can see from the e-mail above, their channels are open, they have set their intentions and they are ready to communicate!

How awesome!  I will shortly be developing a page on my website, that will list all of the graduates of the animal communication and healing program so you will have some animal savvy people to help you if you find yourself in need of a pet communicator.  Whether you’d like closure with a deceased pet, or answers to behavioral or health related issues, these people are ready to assist and help!

check back soon for the page!

Off to see what my little 4 legged fuzzy friend “Spirit” is doing RIGHT NOW………..

Love, Erica

Erica Rock is a teacher of animal communication and animal healing please visit

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