Divine Intervention via Archangel Michael

Greetings everyone!  This is my very first blog post!

This first post is an inspirational story of a Divine Intervention that I had with the very gifted and all powerful Archangel Michael!  I hope this inspires you and brings you hope.  Please know that you are very very loved, cherished, supported and looked after.  This story is a beautiful demonstration of this.

DAVID, Gerard Altar of Archangel Michael, c1510
Creative Commons License photo credit: carulmare

Several years ago my dear friend Kerrin and I decided to host our very first psychic and holistic health fair.  Neither one of us had ever even been IN a fair, never mind MASTER MINING and running one.  But we were SO very inspired and had chosen to help a family in our community raise money for their little girl (Jordyn Boucher) who was having extensive health issues.

One of the very first things that I did was went into prayer and asked Archangel Michael to assist us in this huge endeavor.  I literally requested that he be the CEO of this operation.  No joke, guys I really did this.

Anyways, e-mails went out asking practitioners in our community who would like to participate. I found a great space in a conference room in one of our nearby hotels that GIFTED the space to us, since we were doing this in part, as a charity.

Score number 1 !

People came out of the wood work wanting to help, spread the word and participate.  things were falling effortlessly into place.

Then I received a phone call from a local psychic who had participated in MANY psychic fairs over the years and DRILLED me with questions.  Most of which I could not answer.  Her demeanor was quite interrogatory and condescending.  It left me feeling WAY under equipped to be embarking on such a tremendous project.

With one phone call, my positive feelings I was having about our fair plummeted and I began to have serious, serious doubts as to my abilities to pull this off and be successful.  My reputation was on the line.

The little monsters of my mind were having a complete field day!  “What were YOU THINKING, trying to organize such an event.” “You have no idea what your doing!”  blah bah blah……poohie.

Creative Commons License photo credit: bhansley

Once I got off the phone with her I was furious.  I needed to get some air.  I went outside my home, into my driveway, turned my head upwards towards the sky and yelled out loud, “Archangel Michael, I need some serious help here!”  “I need a sign, show me a sign and let me know that I am doing the right thing here by trying to carry this out!”  I paced, took some long slow deep breaths and went back in.

The next morning I awoke not feeling much better, but dressed and prepared for the day ahead.  As I went to leave the house and started towards my car I noticed something shiny dangling from the fence in my driveway.  I began to walk towards it, trying to decipher what the heck it was.

As I approached I noticed that it was a broken silver necklace with a charm on it.  I took it in my hand and stared in absolute astonishment at the charm that was now in my right palm and getting hot in my hand.

It was an Archangel Michael Medallion!  The one with him drawing his sword and standing in triumph on the serpent.  This was the same spot, that the day before I had my adult temper tantrum, literally pulling my hair out……(ouch!)

Camera tests positive
Creative Commons License photo credit: dearbarbie

I was completely humbled in that precise moment.  I did feel a bit embarrassed that I had allowed this one woman to shake me so, I forgot who I was and who has my back, ALWAYS.

I VOWED NEVER to doubt myself again, to always remember the truth, which is I AM loved, cherished, supported and protected, now and always.  If I ever doubted that angels were “real”, that was put to rest as well.

Angels ARE real and will help us, we only need to remember to ASK.

Que anjos e querubins digam amém (2)...DSCF5081a_picnik
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Love you all,

Archangel Erica ~

Erica Rock is a certified Angel Reading Practitioner who lives in NH.  She offers live and phone readings.  She is also a channel of Pure Divine Grace and is the creator of the Grace Blessings Practitioner certification program.  check out her website www.ericarock.com

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  1. Andy Dolph says:

    First of all, congratulations on your first post!

    I love this story! What an amazing affirmation and experience.

    Much love!,

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