Lightworkers guide to a elegant holiday season

The holidays are a great opportunity to move more deeply into alignment with~ The True You.  Spending time with family can show you what you need to embrace, love and accept within yourself.

The critical aunt, the meddling mother-in-law, the envious sister are all amazing mirrors for what you are not loving, accepting and fully integrating within yourself.

This holiday season, if you are troubled by Aunt Bertha’s remarks about whatever scenario is going on in your life, you are simply being shown your own critical nature. If your mother in laws perfectionism pushes your buttons, you may need to embrace your own perfectionism.

What are the people around you mirroring back to you?

All of the people in your life are Divine!  A gift!  They are reflections of your greatest attributes and your perceived defects . Instead of ranting about how much they drive you insane, stop to remember they ARE you!

What part of you do they represent?

What does that part of you need to feel loved, whole and complete?

Use this most profound opportunity, this gift to move into greater and greater alignment with The TRUE You.

When you let go of the need for someone to be different you love and accept them exactly as they are!

What can you do if someone is pushing your buttons and you are not enjoying the refection that you see in the mirror:

Feel your feelings- all of them, authentically!  Take all that you are feeling to the Presence and go within with it!  No need to speak about it, rant about it to someone else, get into the “story” of it.  Keep your power within you and feel.  Drop the story around the incident and purely feel, that is where your power lies, in purely feeling!

Breathe- This helps you to get fully into your body and move the feelings and energy through you without reacting to the circumstances you find yourself in.

Forgive yourself and others- After you have authentically felt your feelings and you are feeling more neutral clean up your mess!  “To, _name of person______________, I forgive you and release you, please forgive and release me, let’s forgive and release one another, and forgive and release ourselves.”, Please and thank you!

This way if you have been creating any negative realities for them through your thoughts, words or deeds, consciously or unconsciously due to your judgment and perception of the event that occurred you are hereby, cleaning it up!

Amen to that!  Have wonderful holidays and I am excited to hear your stories!

Infinite Blessings!

Erica Rock

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