Making friends with our mind!

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Let’s play a game…..

take out a stopwatch and time yourself for 1 minute

speaking nothing but the TRUTH.

say things like….

I AM loved and loving…

I AM enough

The Universe loves and supports me and has my back!

I AM grateful and appreciative for life and for all creation

This Universe is abundant and all that is my birthright is coming to me NOW!

I AM unlimited HEALTH

I AM the light of the world

I am love I am love I am love

I am pure potential

I am a beautiful child of the light

I am perfect in my human imperfection

I am consciousness, I am the self

I am pure, whole and divine

I am love everlasting

I am joy and bliss

please make up your own…….

the point is to speak 100% positive, constructive, TRUTHFUL words to yourself out loud for at least one minute…..

see what you notice?

see, we tell ourselves scary untrue stories all the time.

it is ok…..your mind isn’t playing games on you

your mind isn’t trying to harm you or attack you EVER,

in fact your mind is always, ALWAYS trying to help you.

Your mind is a vehicle that the Divine uses to share and communicate things to you.

many times we go throughout our day and a painful memory arises

of a time when someone said or did something to us that hurt us in our heart….

or maybe the memory was of a time that YOU said or did something to someone

and you really hurt them in their heart…..

or maybe you are going about your day telling yourself LIES, like

life isn’t fair, I always get the shit end of the stick…..

or life is hard

or I have to work hard and struggle to attain what I desire in this world

or I am not attractive enough,

lovable enough

skinny enough

plumper enough

I am getting old


there isn’t enough…..

why isn’t the Universe supporting me more??

and all of these thoughts……being false, LIES you tell yourself

make you feel varying degrees of icky.

the icky feeling arises to alert you to the fact that

what you are thinking is NOT TRUE.

the thought, belief or memory arises,

evoking a FEELING that doesn’t feel good

and WHY does this happen?

it is the Infinite’s way of showing you

1.  where you need to forgive yourself

2.  where you need to forgive someone else

3. where you need to shift a limiting belief

it ALWAYS falls under these 3 categories.

your mind does NOT sputter off random stuff

your mind is NOT a wrong seeking missile!

Your mind is not trying to harm, hurt or attack you……

your thoughts are very DELIBERATE actually.

and it is always the Infinite’s way of trying to help you

get into alignment with who you really are.

it is showing you where there is a large gap between YOU and the REAL YOU.

pulling everything that is false and is holding you back and limiting you into the LIGHT for ILLUMINATION

so YOU can be FREE!

Your mind is ALWAYS trying to help you.

befriend your mind :)

when a painful thought or memory comes up…..


say thank you!

and assess what action do you need to take…..

forgiving yourself,

someone else

or throwing into the cosmic recycling bin some ridiculous belief or limiting idea or scary story that is making you feel like CRAP!

your emotions and feelings are your guide, always showing you how close to the TRUE YOU you are,

or how far away.

these feelings are GOOD INFORMATION.

ALL of the emotions are to be celebrated…..


you don’t really want to be drooling in bliss all day…..

then you would have no idea that you are about to make a choice that isn’t for your highest and greatest good!

you want your feelings……they are indicators.

and your thoughts……not random at all……

it is all very deliberate :)

and the best news is…..



stop taking this whole game so seriously!

it’s not at all serious.

life is for LIVING :)

amen to that!

befriend your mind!

it is only trying to help you :)

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