Manifesting & Grace Blessings

Double Bows
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You are Manifesting in every second of every day!

People often ask me, “How can I learn to manifest?” That question makes me giggle, because the truth is, we are manifesting in every moment! You are a Creator! Made in the image and likeness of THE Creator.  If you’re creating  unwanted experiences you are simply unaware of  how you’re creating.
You are constantly manifesting. You manifest every element of your experience and life.
Become a conscious co-creator, creating with power and on purpose!
Many people create the same unwanted experiences over and over,
by putting their focus and attention on “it” which gives “it” more power and reality in your life!
Recently during the 8 Week Grace Blessing Mastery Course a man learned how he was not letting Grace and Blessings into his life through a limiting belief.  He gained the new awareness through fully feeling into his feelings.  Once he experienced the feelings fully he gained new clarity and insights!
He discovered that our GIFT back to the CREATOR is to receive, receive, receive!  He has had doors that were closed and unavailable to him before FLY OPEN!
This limiting belief was creating in his reality.  Once he dove into the feeling, it moved and helped him expand into a higher, finer, freer reality, with the help of Grace of Course!
Life invites millions of opportunities to create your life- brand new!  Grace Blessings help you create what you want with ease, simplicity and GRACE.
How can I move limiting beliefs and unwanted emotions?  Check out
What is this fabulous 8 week Grace Blessings class?  look and see at
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