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Relax and trust that every experience is the “right” experience…..get quiet and listen closely to what the Universe is communicating to you. The Universe is highly intelligent and EVERYTHING is being orchestrated by an unseen, all powerful force that listens … Continue reading

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Turn towards the Truth

Whenever we disconnect from our true source, our true nature and forget who we really are, it hurts us. It is supposed to hurt when we disconnect from the TRUTH of us. When we tell ourselves stories that are not … Continue reading

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See, feel, allow, imagine that you are like a Rose, who is always opening and allowing, receiving the warmth and loving light from the Great Central Sun. As a flower, you must also be open to experiencing ALL of the … Continue reading

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Open and RECEIVE!!

Open and Receive!! The most exquisite and enlightening experiences of your life come virtually out of nowhere when you are completely open, receptive and available to the Cosmos. Sometimes we have to close doors to the old to be made … Continue reading

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Kingdom of Heaven is within you

Life and this Universe is filled with so many wondrous sights, sounds, textures, smells, tastes and things! No matter where you look, the Universe is presenting something PROFOUND and NEW to experience, explore and discover. There is an organic, natural … Continue reading

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Give yourself the GIFT of TRUST!!

Being able to TRUST in Life, the process of life brings Ssoooooo much peace, calm and happiness. If you want to be able to trust Life you must start trusting yourself.   There is that small, often soft voice inside you … Continue reading

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Manifesting with Grace

YOU are a manifesting machine!! You are ALWAYS creating!! If you are not always creating what your heart truly desires in life, that is ok because you have unlimited do-overs and re-takes in this life! Take a strong intention right … Continue reading

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