Becoming a Master Manifestor utilizing the energy of Grace Blessings!!

The functions of Grace Blessings are to catalyze your Enlightenment and/or deepen it and the energy also radically opens you so you can start to RECEIVE all of the Blessings the Universe SO wants to give you……This energy is a POWERFUL manifesting agent!

In fact for many, it has made the Law Of Attraction come ALIVE, to make sense and to WORK in a really easy way.

Today I want to talk about using Grace Blessings for manifestation.

Some people consider me to be a Master Manifestor, well, I am pretty good at some things and I have learned some valuable stuff along the way that I am happy to share with you :)

First and foremost,  be clear about what you want to manifest. In the level 1 free online course ( you DO start to get clear about what you want and that is great, most people simply know they are not satisfied or happy in and with their life but when you ask them, “ok well then, what DO you want?” they begin to look like a deer that got caught in the headlights.

Do something FUN……right NOW……I want you to pretend that a genie has come out of a bottle and wants to give YOU as many wishes as you want. The only trick is……you must speak to the genie as if you are telling the genie the greatest story of your life EVER! Speak “your greatest life story” as if it is happening NOW and leave out anything “you don’t want”, EXCLUSIVELY focusing on ONLY what you have going on in your life that totally ROCKS……

Let me give you an example:

“I LOVE how the moment I wake up my MIND is completely QUIET, I am at peace the moment I open my eyes. Then this feeling of EXCITEMENT and PASSION begins to bubble up within me and a feeling of MAGIC surrounds as I am elated to participate in the day. I leap out of bed and notice how strong, lean, toned and vital my body feels. Every cell in my body is singing and dancing!!”

and you can go on to speak about how your relationships, are, your health, career, wealth, where you live, EVERYTHING. Tell the greatest story of your life!!

This is actually really fun to do with a friend, taking turns :)

You may notice as you practice this, you might have a tendency to talk about what you don’t want……if you catch yourself doing that, just get back on track with what you DO want. You could even say , “Erase that!” If you catch yourself, or “delete scene!” It is YOUR grand movie/story, so you can delete and redo whatever scenes you want to!

Play around with this way of manifesting. It is quite fun and gets the imagination going……if you can imagine it, you can have it!

The next thing I have learned as I was flexing my manifesting muscles and learning to wield my skills– that for me it was easier to manifest ONE thing at a time. If you scatter your energy into many different directions it can slow down the manifesting in this realm of what you want. Pick your top priority, that thing that makes your heart sing, and focus on that exclusively for 3 months at the very least. As your vibration increases the time delay between thought and manifestation decreases, things come to you more quickly.

Now you will notice that if you have a lot of “attachment” to something coming, that attachment can and will slow down it coming to you.

The trick is….

Intend-be as clear as you can
Claim it, declare it…..
Keep focused on it in a GOOD way, like see, feel, allow, imagine what your life will be like, feel like when you have it!! How FUN it will be……

that kind of focus = super helpful

sitting around getting grumpy and complaining about where is it= delaying it coming!!

I know it can be difficult to be patient and let go and wait for it to show up….
I teach some really advanced helpful stuff about all of this in the level 2 online course, “why walk when you can fly!!!!”  I teach you HOW to surrender, let go, give it over, trick the MIND even and PLAY with this like a mad manifesting scientist!!

What I can share here is this, even if you get a little impatient and grouchy that it is not here yet…… is the GREAT NEWS!!!! YOU have Grace on your side and grace does a LOT of the “work” for us and also tends to smooth things out, so even if your vibration isn’t perfect around it, the Grace helps immensely :) :):)

So, no worries if you don’t get it perfectly, let go to grace and let it be done for you as best you can :)

It IS really important like I said above to see, feel, allow, imagine that your desire is already here. Here is another tid- bit from level 2 online course: For only 3 minutes per day, see, feel, allow or imagine you have already achieved your desired outcome. Hold onto the AWESOME feeling of what its like to have done this! This is kind of like the wind under a magic carpet… provides the FUEL and energy to bring it to you :)

Last but not least – Have FUN visualizing your desire coming into your life. Being overly attached is a manifestation kill and it sucks the JOY out of the whole process! Getting too serious about your desire will cut off the flow of powerful manifesting energy. Lightness is best! Stay LIGHT about it!! The BEST thing you can do in this whole process is to be playful and enjoy each moment of your life to the fullest! When your joy pipes are open, and you FEEL like you could FLY, the manifestations you desire spontaneously occur. What you want shows up like magic, divine synchronicities abound and everything you touch turns to GOLD!!

I hope you enjoyed post and found it helpful. I cannot say enough about stepping into your Master Manifestor position….it is ULTIMATE FUN and FREEDOM. I teach everything I know about it in the level 2 online course, why walk when you can fly. Take it from someone that knows how to manifest!!!!! I love sharing this information with you and please provide feedback about how this has helped you, or what doesn’t seem to be working so we can all support one another in this glorious journey of Awakening!

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