Manifesting with Grace

YOU are a manifesting machine!!

You are ALWAYS creating!!

If you are not always creating what your heart truly desires in life, that is ok because you have unlimited do-overs and re-takes in this life!

Take a strong intention right NOW to own this awesome, creative, manifesting energy that is within you and is part of you.

Get empowered and take your power back from any person, circumstance or thing you may have temporarily given it to be simply stating, “I created that!” or you can make it a little more funny, “WOWIE, look how POWERFUL I AM to have created the likes of YOU!”  LOL, it adds a twist of humor to the situation!!

You are in charge of directing your FOCUS and what you CHOOSE to pay attention to in each and every NOW moment.

If you find yourself falling into some old vibrational habit and falling into worry, fear, scarcity, confusion, frustration, neediness or desperation, as soon as you become AWARE, STOP, shift, refocus and forgive yourself for temporarily going insane and forgetting how powerful you are and WHO you are!

It’s ok– it happens.

Listen to the “Instant Uplift” program if you need to.  That program also gives a powerful Grace Blessing at the end of it helping to lift you back up to where you belong.

When we find that we have a STRONG vibrational habit of going into these low places of fear, worry and all of the above, there can almost be a compulsion to do it, like it is an addiction.

This is when it is IMPERATIVE to strengthen your connection to the Divine, you need a radical shift in consciousness!

Again receiving a Grace Blessing would proof useful here.

Are you open to seeing and expressing the unlimited manifesting potential within you?

If the answer to this question is yes, you have just taken the FIRST STEP to transform your life on the deepest levels.

My next question is “what are you going to do for the next few months so you’re living, BEING and vibrating at the highest possible level?  Fortunately, I have many tools to help expand and shift your consciousness and assist you to grow and flow in the direction that Grace wants to carry you that will bring you to your HIGHEST and GREATEST DESTINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whenever you are unconsciously attracting negative people, events, circumstances and outcomes, it means you don’t realize how powerful you truly are.  It also means we have to EXPAND YOU MORE so you can RECEIVE.  It also means we have to SHIFT YOUR OVERALL manifesting VIBRATION so you can start letting in all the good that wants to come to you.

Envision this.  There is YOU and around you flooding from every direction are BLESSINGS and GOOD, they are coming towards you, but if your pipes are not big enough to LET IT ALL IN, or you have some wacky beliefs……as that GOOD is coming towards you, you “miss” some of it…….it passes right by.

If you have beliefs that you are not good enough, worthless, will never amount to anything, your a loser etc etc these will have to go before you start to let in the good stuff!

Now here is the GREAT NEWS, if you are receiving Grace Blessings, the Grace does MOST of the “work” for you, gone are the days of endless healing, fixing, clearing and “working” on your “issues”.

Just RECEIVE the energy.
Feel everything that comes up for you
Mind your focus and vibration best you can
Go out and ENJOY your life
Engage the teachings in the essential book, “The TRUE You” and found in the FREE self paced online course

If you still have these demons running amuck in your mind, they are thwarting your manifesting efforts to some degree.

Learning how to enter “Presence” and quiet the mind, makes the little demons go away so you are totally in alignment!!

I have many enlightening tools that will strengthen your mind and teach you the exact steps to take to manifest what you really want.  Life does not have to be hard and no where is it written that we must suffer and struggle.

You deserve to have the knowledge that will help you unglue yourself from any stuckness you may be facing.

Check them out here at

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