A world of contrast

Always look for the GIFT in Everything!

When you can see and focus on the blessing and GIFT about everything in your life, magick begins to occur.

You become a “magnet” for good things to come your way!

Life begins to FLOW with an ease and grace that words cannot explain,  your desires manifest effortlessly, and people just love to be in your company.  People around you smile and laugh more, which makes you feel even better.

Once you learn how to find the gift within the not so nice experience, you’ll easily manifest a continual flow of success wherever you go.

We live in a world of contrast, of dark as well as the light, and everything in between. The dark always contains the light, and the light always contains the dark.

This melting pot of light/dark energy is found within the core of everything contained in this Cosmos.

When you remember this, you’ll know that somewhere inside the “negative” you can find a seed of something positive.  You just have to look more closely at the situation with an open mind and heart.

Have you temporarily gone insane and forgot the TRUTH of yourself and of life??  Has the “dark” so intensely cast shadows over the good in your life you cannot find your way out??

Here are some recommended resources!!

The essential book, “The TRUE You” http://shop.ericarock.com/the-true-you/

FREE self paced online course http://www.awakeningintoonenessglobalexperiment.com/

Instant Uplift program, I could have called this the “attitude adjustment” http://shop.ericarock.com/instant-uplift/

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