Adventures in Gratitude!

gratitude and rust
Creative Commons License photo credit: shannonkringen

 I am going to challenge you to start living your life as an adventure in appreciation and gratitude!

Take on the challenge of seeing all events, people, circumstances, words, and behaviors as Divine Grace in action.

This takes a very advanced, mature soul to walk this journey, as it’s about acknowledging EVERY experience as a gift given directly to you.

Are you up for it?

Would you like to RADICALLY turn your life around?

Intend to take this challenge!!

You never know what gifts you’ll receive this week, which makes it so exciting!

Every person you meet is a blessing in disguise.  Listen to what they have to say to you with an open heart and mind and you’ll hear that they all have a special personal message just for you to help you awaken to the Truth of who you are.

By seeing gratitude as an adventure you can be open to experiencing all of life, no matter how it shows up.  You can trust that everything Life brings to you is indeed a gift, and something that will enrich your life, even if it does not first appear that way to the mind.

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