Be gentle with yourself!

If you want to feel good, be happy and peaceful, then PLEASE accept that you are HUMAN and always, always, ALWAYS be Super Gentle with yourself.

Be gentle–SOFTEN.

No matter what happens in life– SOFTEN– be gentle.

If you get off course and go down the “wrong” path…great!  This is a process of awakening and we get to play hide and seek with ourselves for an eternity!!

Having gentleness means you have love.

Some have trouble being gentle with themselves for longer than a minute.  If this is you– that is A-ok, you’ve gotten in the vibrational habit of allowing the mind to be in charge–who hasn’t?  LOL.

GENTLY tug on the mind, reel it in and tell it to SOFTEN– relax, and be patient with yourself.

You have an eternity to “get it right”.

Dealing with feelings of guilt, shame, or blame??

Be EXTRA gentle with yourself then!!

Take a STRONG intention to be gentle with YOU no matter what happens!

YOU are the single most important person in your life and you are WORTHY of the gift of GENTLENESS!

To get into this gentleness this warm fuzzy space and place… see, feel, allow or imagine a warm gentle light coming in through your crown, down your face, into your shoulders and arms, out your hands, down your torso, into both legs and out the soles of your feet.

Begin breathing for PLEASURE, and simply command the mind/body system to SOFTEN.

Allow the warm energy to spread to areas that are tight or heavy, allowing the energy to instantly transmute any “stress” that is within you.

You are teaching your mind/body system to be gentle even in the face of great challenge, what a GIFT that is!

This will take some practice, but soon it will become your new vibrational habit and as the challenges of life come, you will stay calm even in the eye of the storm!

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