Become translucent…

If you can welcome your deepest sadness and fully feel it, this can cleanse your mind, body, spirit and soul completely. All the “baggage” you have dragged around with you about being abandoned, betrayed, lonely, lost, or isolated can move enmasse.

This is why some people resist their feelings, they are afraid if they allow themselves to start authentically feeling, they will become consumed by them, stuck in them and they will never return.

The truth is, emotions come and go like the weather.

When you feel your deepest darkest pain, you can begin to heal these old painful wounds and start gaining confidence, strength, trust and mastering your mind and emotions because you start to realize that everything can be healed.

In fact, it is more true to say that you begin to return to your true, peaceful nature than saying your emotions have healed. Emotions don’t need “healing” they need to be felt. The result is you are more healed and whole for feeling them. How is that for refining my point today? LOL.

By opening up to your emotions you bring illumination– the light of awareness into all the “dark” crevices, nooks and crannies of your consciousness.

As the illumination grows, expands and the light pours in, you can really begin to “see” and perceive and RELAX!!

Once you relax you can then:

“be still and know that I AM God, I am the LIGHT of the World”.

When feelings are felt to the very core, your entire “house temple” gets cleaned out and restored to its highest perfection, leaving you shiny, happy and glowing.

Once you become comfortable simply being and being in the quiet of the silence and nothingness, this silence and PEACE moves into every nook and cranny of your being. You become liberated and free feeling ANY emotion, ANY feeling, even FEAR and feeling insecure.

No “emotion” knocks you off your center again.

You simply kick back and allow it all to flow through you, rip through you even.

Allowing all feelings and emotions to have their way with you.

Knowing, trusting that as you do, you know you will return to your natural state of happiness and peace once again!

We weren’t created to hold things like a “cup”, we were created to be a “channel” allowing things to FLOW through us. When things flow, nothing is sticking.

Become translucent and allow everything to simply flow on through. It is the judgement that will make things stick. the judgment is like glue. Drop the judgment and feel the feeling, drop the judgment and allow the pure essence of the experience.

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