Deep dive into Anger to find your power!

Let’s make friends with anger shall we? 

In your practical daily life, having a conscious and healthy relationship with anger may seem like a stretch, yet think of it as a simple balancing act of your inner landscape.

There are three basic ways to deal with anger to find your path to liberation.

You have the choice to express it, suppress it, or deep dive into the core of it, (this last choice is always my favorite).

When you express it, that fiery energy will release from your body momentarily, then later take over your heart and your mind.

If you suppress it, a rigid control structure is formed to stop this erupting volcano, which requires tons of your precious energy to keep you from exploding.

When you choose to deep dive into it, your not expressing or repressing it.  The passionate fiery energy rises and you choose to deep dive into the very core of it, until you reach your powerlessness and sit with your helpless wound.

Then anger becomes your ally, empowering you with more focus, clarity, strength and the courage you need to heal your past, burn through the false self limitations and find the true peaceful divine infinite spirit you truly are.

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