Deep Inner Peace can be yours!

Have you noticed that when you “try” not to worry, your mind almost seems compelled to return to this addictive “habit” again and again?

WHY does this happen?

You cannot stop this type of pattern with mental force and “will power”. There IS something you can do to stop the worry habit permanently.

This is to take a higher spiritual path of Awakening and keep expanding your consciousness. Receiving Grace Blessings and getting into Presence are the 2 ways I have discovered that are the easiest for ceasing the deep fearful pattern of worrying.

When you receive the energy of Grace, it begins to wake you up to your authentic self, and when you begin to see how amazingly big, bright, brilliant, and loving you truly are, the mind almost becomes embarrassed of all the irrational things it was worrying about and begins instead to start paying more attention to the divinity inside!


With enough energy and focus on the Divine within there comes a day when the mind gets in the back seat. You come to realize that all these thoughts running around in your mind are only momentary sign posts pointing you to the life you’re creating, and have nothing to do with the divine master who is creating it behind the scenes.

Every time you start looking deeper into your essential divine nature, you’ll discover that who you are cannot be limited by any ideas or concepts that come from the mind at all.

YOU are what is creating the concepts, the creativity behind the play, designing and dreaming everything, all of it….the grand movie of your life! You are the source of creativity who is painting on the canvas of life, telling the colors what to make, shape, flow in all directions, the even BETTER news is your main job is to enjoy the show!

Knowing this truth, the truth of who you really are no matter what road to awakening you take is a sure way to find inner peace, inner quiet and discover total freedom from worry forever!

When you are deep in Presence, which is your natural state, it is a safety state, it can also be a very expanded state it is nearly impossible to “worry”. The reason being is, when you are in Presence you are in the NOW and in the NOW worries over the past or future lose their hold.

If this journey sounds exciting and you’d like to learn more I would suggest starting with the essential book, The TRUE You, Next, join the FREE self paced online course Fore more information about Presence and to learn how to get into this state, enter it at will plus be able to share it with others, check here:

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