Dive in and Be with it!

Diving into your ouchy feelings leads to everlasting peace!

When you can sit with your FEELINGS and EMOTIONS, you know the ones that you wish you could sweep under the rug and have disappear forever…..like anger, fear, irritation, powerlessness, despair and helplessness (amongst others) and relax into it as if for an eternity, snuggle down into it like descending into a warm bubbling hot tub…….something quite miraculous happens.

As you allow yourself to deep dive into it and often one feeling shifts into another and so on……when you get to the core of it and just beyond, a gentle calming energy organically sweeps in, peace is restored and the Divine’s love for you becomes radically ignited and starts to take over.

When we don’t resist, healing occurs naturally with Grace and ease.

You know when you cut yourself and instead of picking at it you put on a bandaid so it can heal? Old emotional traumas, hurts, disappointments, heartbreak and the list goes on…… those too naturally heal when you stop picking at them and give them love the moment they come up to your normal waking consciousness for illumination.

When you are able to be with your “ouchy” feelings, not trying to fix, heal or clear them, not resisting them, judging them and making them “wrong” or “bad” just being loving and gentle with them, peace WILL BE MADE.

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