Exercise in Opening the heart

To find the gift in everything in life requires a strong, clear connection between the heart and the mind.

Let’s Open our Hearts so we CAN see the gift in everything that life brings to us.

In this NOW moment, focus your attention on your heart space.

What sensations and feelings are taking place?

Allow the energy around and within your heart to soften, relax and let go until you feel your mind follows suite, and shifts into being more relaxed, calm and quiet with it.

Breathe slowly and deeply, focusing only on your heart letting go and softening. Do this for 5-10 minutes and enjoy the process.

Simply explore the experience of relaxing your heart. What happens is, as your heart relaxes, there is more space in your mind to find the GIFT about things occurring in your life.

I invite you to keep relaxing and opening this heart space as you go about the remainder of the day :)

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