Explore the mystery of who you are to free yourself from the MIND!

If you want to free your mind, increase your deep down desire to explore the mystery of WHO and WHAT you TRULY are.

Every chance you get, explore this question.

Who am I? 

You are not these thoughts, so who are you?

Liberation will come fast, the more often you inquire into this.

Use your free time to sincerely and authentically ask yourself this question.  Every time you’re waiting in line, in traffic or anywhere, take a time out, relax, breathe, and feel into the space which separates you from the next thought coming in.

Practice and continue to practice, allowing the space between your thoughts to become wider and wider.

You can let go of the never ending thinking hamster wheel and become that which is aware of it, the OBSERVER, existing beyond it, gently observing being the non-attached WITNESS who is allowing all thoughts to float on by.

This is a step to liberation.

The next vital thing to do is be extremely patient, gentle and soft with yourself.

The good news is that you have an ETERNITY to get it and there is no finish line :)

Grace Blessings help a LOT in gaining more inner peace and quieting the mind.  “Presence” courses can get you into a peaceful mind in minutes.

The time is NOW, we have this available.  SUCH a gift as the time of needing to meditate and “work” at it for YEARS is OVER.  It is offered NOW and is SO easy and accessible to all :)

Grace Blessings??  What is that??  Where can I learn more??  Look here to enroll in a FREE self paced online course that is infused with this highly life transforming energy!  http://www.awakeningintoonenessglobalexperiment.com/

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