Gratitude is the KEY to eternal happiness!

This blog is about how to cure the false self or (ego) of never feeling satisfied by applying Gratitude!!  What a CURE!!  Read ON!!

As you follow the Grace Blessings journey you come to know that there is a gift and a blessing in everything.

Even in those moments that seem the darkest.

The secret is to track down that GIFT, seek it out and give thanks for something in that challenging moment.

When you start to make this your new vibrational habit, you begin to become the vibration of gratitude itself!!!!!

This is when the MAGICK really begins to happen!

After just a few days of living in a state of Gratitude the Cosmos begins to “respond” to you and it seems as if your every wish, your every need is heard and answered QUICKLY, many times INSTANTLY. Whoa nellie!!

Feeling appreciation and Gratitude is a key to living a happy life that is yummy, delicious and fulfilling, (like red velvet cake)!!

WHY is feeling appreciative and grateful so important??

Experience has taught me that without those two key ingredients, it doesn’t matter how much success we achieve in the outer, or even how many desires we manifest….. the false self or (ego) by some people’s teachings,  is always behind it all, prowling around for something, MORE,  better, faster, with more WOW and POW and it can NEVER be fulfilled.

Choosing to feel appreciative and grateful for what is here NOW cures the insatiable hunger of the false self, because no matter how much you have or don’t have,  achieve or don’t achieve,  you will be happy with your life no matter what!!

Grace Blessings make all of this SO much easier!! Thank you for taking the journey with me!

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Have a Grace filled Gratitude feeling DAY ya’all!



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