How to instantly enlighten yourself!

Just for FUN and Just for today…..

I invite you to entertain yourself with the following concept,  everything is an emanation of your mind.

YES!!– everything you experience in your life is coming from your mind.

Whatever you see, feel, smell, or imagine is generated by your mind.

Being aware of this one simple truth–see what happens for you!!

See how you awaken, or your awakening deepens and how you become liberated!!  Just hold onto this truth for even 5 minutes and see what happens to you on the inside.

Some people have become completely enlightened just by holding this simple idea all the time.  The knowingness of where your experience of life is coming from can awaken you in ways that words cannot describe.

Another idea I’d like you to explore. No matter what happens in the outer, it is ALL for your soul’s growth, expansion, evolution and awakening.

Everything that happens is part of the plan, it’s part of a movie that you created to raise your consciousness and cause you to grow.

You are a Divine amazingly powerful manifesting hue-man who can create ANYTHING you want!  Once you know this deep in your heart, you won’t have another issue, challenge, problem in your life that you won’t look forward to!  Different way of seeing it yes??~~

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