How to make this world a little sweeter

Want to add more “Light” to the world ? Here are things you can do that are within your control to “BE the change you wish to see in the world!”

1. Choose to stop Judging Others and Expand your Consciousness.

Judging what others are doing, not doing, behaving etc is such an energy drain and not the best use of your time, plus it takes up extremely valuable BLISS SPACE! It is a huge Bliss kill…….choose to STOP!!

Whenever we find fault with someone else’s level of emotional and spiritual evolution… DROPS OUR VIBRATION. That is not what you want, I am quite sure of it.

Here is another fact, whatever you see “out there” is also within YOU or you would not even be able to see it. If you choose to place your very powerful focus on how impoverished people are, it is only because on some level you feel impoverished.

Strive to focus your energies on the positive aspects of people.

These will then show up with yourself and in them!! As you go through your day, notice what kind of energy you are sending out to people. The more you can embrace and express the beauty and love that is within them, the easier you’ll feel it within you as well as bring out the sweetness in them, increasing the beautiful experience you will have with them.

The world around you will reflect what is happening inside you.

Each time you allow the divine, all loving and empowering energy of your Divine Self to be seen in others, you literally shift the vibration of this planet! Make this your new habit and create Heaven on Earth.

The next thing you can do:

2. As you feel urged to, perform random acts of awesomeness!

Every action that you take sends out a signal to the world around you effecting everyone. Your thoughts, feelings and actions shift the cells inside you and around you on a physical level. This energy movement has a direct correlation to the types of things you manifest, or don’t manifest in your life.

Every time you take actions from an open heart, you send out positive energy which magnetizes more of what you desire into your life, and literally shifts the entire collective consciousness of this planet.

Imagine how amazingly beautiful and blissful the world would be if we ALL were taking actions that inspired us and gave us energy instead of doing things out of a sense of duty or obligation.

Hold the door for someone, share a smile, pay the toll for the person in back of you on the highway (my personal favorite), help someone with their groceries, send someone a loving card or flowers, let the people in your world know how much you love and appreciate them, give someone a hug, pay for someone’s meal…..think of your own and do them, they make you tingle inside!

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