Increase your vibration and become a Manifesting magnet!

Have you ever wondered why some people thrive in life, and everything they touch turns to gold while others seem to struggle through life?

The difference between those who are attracting their hearts truest desires, and those who are constantly struggling, is the level of their “Consciousness and vibration”.

The level of energy and consciousness you’re projecting out into the world, combined with your ability to LET GO, surrender and get out of the way and RECEIVE that which your heart truly desires makes ALL the difference.

Grace Blessings by design OPEN YOU TO RECEIVE ALL of the BLESSINGS the Cosmos SO wants to give you.  We are all born powerful manifesting co-creators, some remember this TRUTH while others have forgotten it and the Grace Blessings help them to remember.

When you own the fact that whatever you focus your attention on, is what grows and expands in your life, you take that first step towards increasing your personal vibration and achieving mastery.

Stay on the path, the Grace Blessings journey is the easiest path I have found.  Learning to live in Presence is another KEY to surrendering, getting OUT of the way, letting GO and learning to accept and be present with “what is”.

Both Grace Blessings and Presence are taught in the 3 day Grace Blessings retreats to be INITIATED to become a Grace Blessings Giver, a Presence Facilitator so YOU can LIVE in Presence, plus share Presence with others.

This is a Unique and effective combination for living a life of JOY, EASE, FLOW and GRACE.  Won’t you join us for the 3 day Grace Blessings retreat this december 7, 8, 9th in Dover NH ??  I do hope to see you there.

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