Increasing your manifestation capacities

Your thought and emotional patterns are powerful “magnets” that attract whatever matches their energetic frequencies.

The world is overflowing with an abundance of opportunities, love, beauty, support, resources, solutions, energy, and experiences!

In this NOW moment, you can CHOOSE, to INTEND to LET GO of victim consciousness, of fear, lack and limitation and move into an ABUNDANCE mindset and vibration.

Simply INTEND it for now.

This shift can create MIRACLES in your life, and spread out into the world around you creating HEAVEN ON EARTH!  Change begins with ONE PERSON!! As each and every one of us move into enlightened and empowered thinking we change the entire world!!

Here are three grounded, down to Earth things you can do to begin shifting things for the better.

1. Create a Daily Abundance Routine!!  Make it FUN!!  You can shift your consciousness to abundance, when you are thinking, feeling, talking, being, breathing, and living like an abundant being who is supported by the Cosmos.  A daily abundance routine inspires you to begin FEELING like a success, this increases your natural manifesting abilities.  You have to FEEL successful to become successful!!  As you repeat your personal manifesting “feel good” experiences everyday, your energy increases and you’ll see the infinite possibilities (even in this economy!).

2. CONSCIOUSLY spend your money!!  Do you LOVE the things you spend your money on and where it goes?  If your money is flowing to companies and organizations that are hurting this world or the life forms that live on it then you are part of the problem.

Imagine for a moment what this world would look like if EVERYONE started investing in companies that are good for our health, our environment, and for our emotional well-being.  All unhealthy and environmentally toxic products and services would lose their market share, forcing companies to rethink their products and services, and environmental practices.

YOU have the power as a consumer. You wield that power with HOW YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY!  You support where you put your money!!

3. Go Green!  If you want to “be the change” and have fun making money at the same time, check out all the companies who are dedicated to supporting a thriving planet and sustainability.  Many companies are going green and using reusable resources.  In the not so distant future people will be choosing alternative means for fuel and electricity that are greener and again sustainable.  The money will be made in companies that are 100% green and truly environmental.  Invest your time with conscious companies that are committed to cleaning up our environment, and empowering people and this energy of awesomeness gets spread into your world as well.   This wave of awesomeness can and will come back to you…….more than times three!

If you are really stuck in fear, lack and limitation and want to DO something about it here are some amazing resources to check out: The ESSENTIAL book “The TRUE You”

Need help flowing these lower vibrational feelings once and for all?  Look here at the Mastery of Mind and Emotions Program:

Here is a FREE 8 week self paced online course filled with Grace to shift your consciousness to Abundance!

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