Integrating higher energies during the Earth's Ascension

Integrating the Newer, Higher, Finer Frequencies of the Ascension into the NEW EARTH!

Those of us on the journey of Awakening, the leading edge of consciousness expansion, can feel as though we are being stretched to our very limits about to snap.  This being pushed to our very limits can show up as physical symptoms, emotional, mental and yes even spiritual.

Many physical symptoms I have had and others have shared with me are the following and are ALL related to shedding density, downloading and anchoring more LIGHT and moving into the New Earth, this is all natural and normal and should not be avoided, it will pass and it will pass easier the more you can let go!

*Feeling tired, lethargic, achy
*Feeling impatient/having a short fuse, irritable
*sleepless at night when you go to fall asleep, though you may have felt tired before lying down, once you do, sleep seems to elude you. Sleeplessness can also occur even though your mind is rather silent
*various aches and pains in the body
*headaches or even migraines

(this is from higher light/energy/intelligence trying to come in and your pipes are not large enough to let in all that is being offered. I have found doing guided meditations that consciously expand your body/mind system are VERY helpful.  This was part of the reason I was lead to create the “I AM” Unity Consciousness Breathing Meditation.  This meditation is quite expansive, it helps to stretch you and when you do this consciously you don’t have to bear the burden of the headache!)

As with EVERYTHING in life this too shall pass and it will lead to the NEW. If things are breaking down in your life, they needed to so the NEW can enter.

For those of you that have my book, The TRUE You, or if you are enrolled in the FREE self paced online course “Awakening into Oneness Global Experiment” (you can find links to both down below) you have the help of Grace to do most of the “hard work” for you.  For those of you who are scratching your heads asking, “what is this Grace that will do most of this for me, I want some of THAT.”

I have several options for you to receive the energy that initiates enlightenment, by its very nature it expands you, so the Grace Blessings are also a wonderful way to keep up to speed with the Ascension energies in the most graceful way possible.

I always recommend everyone starting with the essential book, “The TRUE You”  Or the FREE 8 week self paced online course:

Since our vehicle on this planet is our human body and we experience life through it as the higher, finer frequencies are downloaded to us the body/mind system goes through an “upgrading” process and before it can upgrade it has to shed some density, rewire itself, acclimate, and catch up to fully integrate.  We FEEL it all as this happens and some of this process creates the physical symptoms discussed above.

You may experience spontaneous feelings of extreme “lightness” within the body like you could very well be able to put your hand through yourself, also with periods of feeling very dense, heavy, like your body weighs a million pounds. It is common when we experience an extreme of anything to then experience the opposite, keep this is mind when it happens, as having some understanding of WHY it is happening can be comforting.

Many people experience ringing in the ears, hearing and feeling a popping within the ears or have periods of going dear in an ear(s).  Do you know that SILENCE has a sound?  If you are in a very quite environment and simply “tune in” to your inner ear you will hear all sorts of various “tones”, of ringing.  It can almost sound like crickets singing, some people have an entire orchestra going on in there!

We also have ear chakras and our clairaudient points are found in the same region, the ringing can be the ears responding to the clairaudient points opening so that your intuitive ability of hearing messages from spirit can come about!  This is a good thing yes?!  Also the ringing, the sounds of silence being turned up a few notches, if you put your focus on it, tune into it completely, notice what happens.  You just may enter “Present Moment Awareness” or what I call, “Presence”.

Some people, regardless of age or gender experience intense “psychic heat” within their bodies or even on the surface of their skin, likened to a hot flash.  My experience and understanding of what is happening here is you are burning off old stuff. Fire is transmutation and purification, this is a good thing, though I know it can be uncomfortable.  Drinking more water, eating more vegetables I have found to help a lot for this, as well as sea salt and baking soda baths, (with the baking soda be sure to use aluminum free!), apple cider vinegar baths also help significantly.

How to know what type of “bath” to do?

For physical things I use sea salt, epsom salt, baking soda seems to help.  These are when we are manifesting physical body type things.

For mental and emotional stuff that has come up apple cider vinegar RULES here!  I cannot say enough about it, plus it is a potent detoxifier for the body, in fact stay in no longer than 20 minutes for any of these baths, especially the apple cider vinegar.

You may find things around you breaking, this is so you’ll upgrade to things and new technologies that match your new vibration. I found I really needed to get a “better” cell phone and lap top as if I didn’t I simply fried the other stuff in a few months which got costly!

Friends, lovers, systems, jobs, and structures can also vanish out of your life. It is all a part of the old breaking down for the new to come in, look for the gift in it all, practice non attachment.  If someone or something is no longer in your life it is simply because the vibrational alignment is no longer there!  Your vibration and theirs is no longer a match and so of course, they cannot be in your experience.  It isn’t as personal as it may seem so we have choice as to get mired into drama and creating opulent drama stories around these breakdowns or not.

It isn’t personal, no extra tears needed.

You may find your memory eluding you. For example, you have trouble remembering simple words while in conversation, you can’t remember what you did yesterday and certainly can’t remember much of last week.  This phenomena is coming about as more and more people get into “Presence” others are feeling the effects of it too on various levels.

Not to worry as you find you don’t need the mind so much anymore because you’re living in the NOW. Not to worry. Your mind will be ready to work when you actually require it to.  This is wonderful, in the old paradigm the mind just chattered along 24/7, in the new paradigm the mind shuts off and then awakens as needed, with LOTS of peace, quiet and space in between uses!

Your concept of “time” can radically change too, it is all part of moving into the New Earth energies.

If you’re having troubles sleeping, relax about it, you will rise refreshed as long as you don’t go into suffering and drama about this.  You can lie there with a lot of energy coursing through your body just unable to fully enter sleep and you will be FINE the next day.

Moving into the New Earth you will find you don’t need as much sleep as you used to as you integrate your higher lightbody, so LET GO of the belief that you need “such and such” amount of sleep as that was true maybe in the old paradigm but not for the new one you are entering.

Intense feelings and old patterns of being may come up that you thought you were over and done with. As always, just feel the feeling and drop the story.

It will move.

To integrate the energies more easily, use your power of INTENTION.  Reading the book, “The TRUE You” will help here, I have receive many emails lately from people that have been urged from within to go back to this book and read it again!

Simply intend:
*For your body/mind system to continuously be upgraded as you are ready.  Ask for ease and grace!!  You can ask for this to go down however you like.  I ask for ease and grace and I also ask that I am not downloaded with anything new until I AM READY!  Faster is not better and can get quite messy!!
*Time in silence, in nature to go within and BE!  Listen to the ringing in your ear if you have it, this can be a portal to Presence!
*Move graciously, productively, and consciously through your day
*Breathe consciously and deeply
*Be with supportive, nurturing, loving people- “keep the company of saints”
*Choose to release resistance as much as you can in any moment
*Eat well and exercise- MOVE THAT BODY, take care of it
*Drink lots of water
*Lie down and rest if you need to
*Have fun, Laugh a lot, watch funny, uplifting movies, shows
*Don’t get too serious about yourself or life, LIGHTEN UP!
*Do grounded 3D activities
*Keep it “light”!
*Get massages as often as you can this does a lot to move out the old and integrate the new!

I know that the majority of you reading this newsletter are the helpers, counselors, healers, light bringers of the world and you are here to be of service.  You feel compelled to serve even!

It is crucial to take care of yourself first!  You can NOT help anyone else when your batteries are on empty.  Fill your own mind, body, spirit and soul FIRST and then give from the overflow that you have.

You may need to take periods OFF to recharge yourself.  I just went on holiday for over 2 weeks just being with me.

This recharged me more than ever and I am raring to go!!  When you let life support you, you can always afford to take time off.  Did a little light go off here as you realize your NOT letting life support you and cannot see HOW you could take more than 5 minutes for yourself?  Simply intend to let life support you more and it will, don’t make it hard.

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