Kingdom of Heaven is within you

Life and this Universe is filled with so many wondrous sights, sounds, textures, smells, tastes and things!

No matter where you look, the Universe is presenting something PROFOUND and NEW to experience, explore and discover.

There is an organic, natural sweetness to life that is always open to you, offering to you, that can fill your cup to overflowing, so that no matter what is going on in your life, you can access a connection to Source that opens your heart and soul.

Every single NOW moment of life has the capacity to be DEEPLY rich, decadent and robust, ENJOYED to the MAX!!

It has been said that the “kingdom of god” is found within.

We are here to discover this “heavenly presence” inside ourselves every moment of life.

We are here to relax in and luxuriate around in the divine succulence of our essence…..our PRESENCE, and feel what its like to be adored and lavished with love, acceptance and appreciation non stop.


There is a bliss, a joy, a happiness, a VITALITY and ALIVENESS that is WITHIN.

Most do not experience this due to the constant, thinking MIND.

When you learn to enter PRESENCE and experience this heaven that is waiting right inside of YOU…….it just may make you cry tears of joy!! Experiencing this sacred place within is a sure SIGN that you are becoming a true living master of your life!!!!!

What would you say if I told you that a way to enter “Presence” and experience this happy, joyful place within you is REAL, effective and actually FAST?  Here is a video talking about “Presence” and then below is another video made by a friend of mine where he brings himself deeper into “Presence” and if you are open to experiencing it… WILL right through the video!!

Presence Video

For more about “Presence” look here:

Presence EXPERIENCE Video

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