Let it go and let it flow!

Every experience in life has a purpose and reason for it, EVERY experience, no exceptions.

There’s a time for sadness, and a time for joy.

When you can allow your tears to flow, and dive into the sadness– it becomes a powerful source of transformation that can bring new realizations, insights and wisdom into your life.

By allowing your sadness to be felt, flowed and experienced, that emotion opens a humility and vulnerability that touches your soul, finding the sweetest surrender to the very source of who you truly are.

A life without tears is stiff and controlled. If your emotions cannot flow, you cannot feel nor experience the joy and ecstasy of life as well.

Feeling your sadness and pain is vital for anyone who wants to be a fully ALIVE, authentic, mature human being– and it is the first step to finding emotional liberation.

Shedding some tears is a way to soften, become more peaceful and instantly let go of stress, fear and anxiety.

Crying is a form of surrender and letting go!!

It is how we cleanse ourselves from built up tension and emotion.

Shedding tears helps you to let go of the tight reigns of control you have on life a little.

As the emotion flows through you, it cleanses, purifies and frees you from old thought patterns that are needing to be healed, forgiven and loved.

Let go!!

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