Let it GO!

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Grace does FOR YOU what you cannot humanly do for yourself.

Whatever feels too big, overwhelming, intense, confusing or just BAD, lay it down at the feet of the Divine. Give it over. Let go. Soften, Give yourself a hug.

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You may entertain the idea of setting up a sacred space in your home to dream, pray, meditate and breathe for pleasure, prostrate, commune with the Presence.

To make it feel real for you, maybe get a statue of a figure that represents the Divine to you. Whether it is Quan yin, jesus, mary, budda, krishna, shiva, or even a photo of yourself (my personal favorite), and when you prostrate and lay down your troubles to give them over, lay it down at the feet of the statue.

I am not suggesting that we worship false idols or statues, it is about CONNECTING to a higher power and this has helped ME in the past.

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When I was just starting out and creating a relationship with the Divine that worked for me I had a quan yin statue and when I would lay it all down I would do it in from of Quan yin, like I was giving all of my troubles to her to solve for me.

Remember no problem can be solved in the same consciousness in which it was created.

Shift consciousness and the issue shifts, dissolves or gets solved on its own, or it is simply no longer an issue because your perspective on it is different. Receive Grace, shift consciousness and expand then practice letting go.

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