Letting go to find your bliss

One sure fire way to experience more JOY, happiness and peace is to surrender–letting go to the experience that is occurring in this NOW moment.

Surrender–letting go is one of the secret keys to experiencing unbounded JOY.

We are bound to the present moment forever.

Your body is ALWAYS in the Now.

The mind thinks it can escape the NOW, running back and forth between the past and future.

The moment you let go and stop resisting any battle in the mind and become present here and now, you will experience that the struggle, the obstacle, the “issue” no longer exists.

Find yourself struggling to surrender??

Try allowing your greatest fear to rise up within you.

Face it head on.

Allow yourself to fully experience it.

Why this works is this…. when you stop trying to “make something happen”, then JOY comes to you.

If whatever you’re doing to try and surrender and let go doesn’t work, then try the OPPOSITE (like dive into your fear).

The more you can let go, let God and just be, the easier it becomes to find the Source of limitless happiness within you.

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