Life stinks and I can't feel gratitiude…

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Alex E. Proimos


Sometimes it can be a challenge to feel appreciation or gratitude especially when some outer circumstance occurs that is not to our liking.

What to do?

Simply acknowledge and recognize that this was not what the false self desired, yet was what Grace required for the highest good of ALL concerned.

Sometimes we cannot see the larger picture of why “bad things happen to good people”, as far as your Divine self is concerned, it is all to assist with one’s spiritual awakening.

By looking at the larger picture and accepting the soul purpose of each “negative” experience, this provides an opportunity to do a deep dive within to locate your greatest source of appreciation and gratitude, you can welcome all experiences of life with open arms.

Need to uplift your vibration because maybe just temporarily you have forgotten the TRUTH of yourself and life?  Maybe some unfortunate events have occurred and you are not feeling to bright and shiny.  Do you need an attitude adjustment?  Check out, “Instant Uplift”, this meditation CD was created at a time through me when I was down and needed to bring my vibration back up.  I had lost my power and felt “bad”.  This was created to lift your spirits and bring you back up to where you belong!

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