Making friends with Anger

Angry Face
Creative Commons License photo credit: Piez

Anger is such a WONDERFUL EMOTION.

It can really help you get your power back if you “use it” that way. Often times we get angry when someone has crossed an invisible boundary of ours somehow, your inner alarm system goes off in the form of anger.


Go within and ask, where is the boundary being pushed here?

Are they transferring their stuff onto you and trying to make you responsible for it? Were you treated in a way that felt disrespectful?

Whatever “they” are doing doesn’t matter, stand in your truth and your power, speak your truth and your anger will IMMEDIATELY dissipate.

The mind will let go of the scenario, game OVER.

The mind only replays the scenarios over and again when you have not rallied for yourself and have abandoned yourself.

The mind will keep replaying it over and over until you get in right relationship with yourself, then the mind DROPS IT.

Interesting huh? Your mind has been your FRIEND the whole time, you simply misunderstood what it was doing.

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