Master your Mind and Emotions

Find your inner powerlessness to move towards Emotional freedom!

An important step towards emotional mastery is to consciously approach feelings of powerlessness.

Powerlessness will be the feeling DEEP down often covered up by fear, anger, irritation, confusion, anxiety, panic….if you do a deep dive underneath you just might find powerlessness.

As we drop down into the layers of emotions we go into the deepest wound that is creating your “anger”, “fear” (surface layer emotions) in the first place.

The false self will viciously avoid truly being seen and healed, so you must summon your inner warrior. We ALL have one :) The Archangel Michael archetype lives and reigns free within each and every one of us. Summon that warrior!

When you deep dive within and reach that emotional belief that says “I am powerless”….do some self inquiry, SPEAK to the voice that thinks it is powerless and just like you would talk with a friend find out who or maybe what is identifying with this experience. Do some self inquiry exploring this idea that your powerless over anything or anyone in your life, including your anger, fear, irritation or any other feeling that is uncomfortable. The million dollar question to always ask is…. “Is it true”? To make peace with these powerless feelings simply takes a willingness to let in GRACE. You can do that! (If your not sure what Grace is and how to access it, keep reading, resources will be offered at the bottom of this article)

The repercussions of not thoroughly feeling into your anger, fear etc and allowing yourself to feel your powerlessness is a HIGH price to pay.

If you cannot allow yourself to feel into your deepest helpless feeling and have the need to be “strong” in that moment, the false self will resort to anger in that situation. By expressing anger at someone, or even yourself there is this false sense of feeling powerful, which is often accompanied by feeling sad, guilty or ashamed at the out of balanced monster you became. This can create a downward spiral, and gains more strength the more you suppress or express your “surface emotions”, making you feel even more powerless.

Being able to dive into, be with and FLOW any and ALL emotion is critical for your liberation. I cannot say this enough. The Mastery of Mind and Emotions program was created to assist you in doing the deep dive that is essential in becoming emotionally FREE, plus it has a powerful Grace Blessing that is transmitted in silence at the end of the program!!

If you are still suppressing or over expressing your surface emotions and find yourself entangled in a web of fearing your feelings, Mastery of Mind and Emotions can help!

Here is an 8 week self paced online course that is infused with Grace it is also FREE!  How COOL is that!?

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