Mirror, mirror on the wall…..

We all want the same things in life, we are all SO very similar yet deliciously unique and different at the same time.

Though we have common threads and needs and desires that are the glue that hold us all together. We all want to live a more enlightened life, a more Authentic, patient, kind and loving way of experiencing others, reality and ourselves.

Everyone has personal issues they are dealing with.


You wouldn’t be born on planet Earth if you didn’t.

Whatever “issues” that you have within you are there to awaken you to your highest and greatest YOU, the TRUE You.

These “issues” can be the catalyst of a deeper understanding of the divine being you truly are.

Without your “issues”, your “stuff, you would be flat, unemotional, boring, one dimensional, with no ooomph or zest.

Your deep dark “stuff” provides you with spice, so that you are oh so yummy to those in your immediate sphere of existence.

Our personal “stuff” is deep, dark, powerful and precious, like festering wounds that we keep hidden so that nobody can see or touch them, especially ourselves.

We then get very busy with life, and time goes by and we forget this energy is buried within us. These wounds are hidden in our cells, muscles, organs and tissues, and they can be buried so far deep within, far far away from sight that the only way to see them is when a “mirror” is being offered.

The mirror can reveal them and lift them out from hiding.

Where can we get one of these mirrors??

Have an intimate relationship with another human being. It doesn’t have to be romantic, simply intimate.

Intimate meaning “In to me see” –Intimacy :)

Through opening yourself to another, allowing them to see into you, connecting on a deep, honest, authentic, personal level, your issues have a chance to be brought to the surface to be revealed, illuminated and set free.

The more intimate the relationship, the more powerful and complete and liberating your process will be :)

Grace Blessings, as you receive them can also start to get the issues flowing from your tissues. This is a GOOD THING!! The “stuff” is coming up to waking consciousness for illumination, to be seen, heard, healed, accepted and loved.

Don’t fight it or resist it, judge it and make t wrong, this is when you suffer.

LET GO, surrender to the process and flow it, feel it., allow for it and you will move it quickly returning to the natural, happy state that you are with ease, elegance and Grace.

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the most loveable one of all……

YOU my dear!!

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One Response to Mirror, mirror on the wall…..

  1. Lisa says:

    Yes! Thank you for this reminder, Erica :)