Move out of your victim story to transend anger

Today’s blog is a continuation from yesterday, so please read yesterday’s post first to receive the most benefit from this article.

When it comes to anger (or you can use this approach for any emotion that is uncomfortable), start with feeling whatever you’re upset about– yet be willing to journey DEEPER than the “story” around the situation that tries to hook you in. Use your angry victim “story” to push you deep within, going beyond the identity you’ve created around yourself in your story.

The fire of anger will help you to burn through the false self organically. Allow the fire of your anger to burn “you” away until there is nothing left of you. Notice that this story your telling yourself that is causing the anger in the first place has a huge amount of powerlessness contained within it, and I am sure you will find it is also the same story you’ve been repeating to yourself your whole life!

When your story takes on a slightly new shape, smell, texture and hue, the anger will change too. You will start to move from reaction into a conscious response to “it”. The day you no longer believe your victim story is the day you are liberated from this anger. It takes PRACTICE to be open to feeling the anger without getting mired in it. (Mastery of Mind and Emotions program helps with this) This support program is found below.

If you can get OUT OF THE STORY and turn to the BODY and ask, “Where am I feeling this anger in my body?” That will get you out of the story and focused and in the body.

1.Get into the body 2. located where you feel the anger 3.Focus on the awareness that is aware of the anger and see what happens!!

For day to day, I invite you to STOP, stand STILL, close your mouth….. and stand there to plow through those moments when anger would take over your mouth and mind. Just stop all movement anytime you feel anger bubbling up and watch! Don’t express, don’t suppress, just NOTICE, and OBSERVE.

Wait to speak until the words you want to say are at least neutral and even better, loving, compassionate and coming from the heart. Anger like any emotion is natural and can be used to make life yummier and powerful.

To AUTHENTICALLY get to this mastery level you must go deeper than the angry victim story stuffed within you. This is the secret to healing the original wound that is creating the anger in the first place. Use your anger as fuel to push you deeper until you locate the source of your powerlessness. This may seem scary, possibly even impossible, it is not– and yet it is by far the greatest treasure yet to find. The paradox is that within your most helpless feelings that you find your inner power and happiness.

Want help getting out of the story and flowing and moving that anger?

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