Open and RECEIVE!!

Open and Receive!!

The most exquisite and enlightening experiences of your life come virtually out of nowhere when you are completely open, receptive and available to the Cosmos.

Sometimes we have to close doors to the old to be made available to this new, to be open and available.

I keep things in life very simple, if something doesn’t feel good to me I let it go. Whether it is being around a person, place or thing, if it is not life supportive, uplifting, loving I have learned to let it go with an ease that can sometimes disarm people. They simply don’t understand.

I used to have so much trouble “letting go”, but I began to practice, and practice and practice and got very good at letting go and staying in the flow of where life wanted to take me. I make it look so effortless people start to put their own stuff in it……..that’s okay I am strong enough to not take that on either!!

Keep practicing letting go, it is like an artform :) You can use the contrast of what you are experiencing to get CLEAR about what you truly want.

Let’s use relationships for example. Notice how when you are in one experiencing a lot of contrast, getting clearer and clearer about what you want the next person you meet to date is the OPPOSITE of the person you were just with?? Isn’t it funny how that can be the case??

You used the contrast to your advantage, it is ALL good– truly!!

When you stay utterly and completely open, receptive and present to whatever the divine existence is offering you in this NOW moment, the greatest experiences of life flow in. (Believe me I am experiencing this very personally right now ) Every deeply loving, abundant, and enchanting divine experience will show up when you are in this open and available state.

This NOW moment contains the enchanting state of enlightenment, and you can discover it organically when you give up searching “out there” for the joy, fulfillment or the “answers”, and start trusting your ability to receive the grace that is inherently yours to be experienced. Open yourself to receive it NOW :)

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