Peace of Mind

Having complete equanimity of mind is a delicate process. Its like trying to get a dime to balance on its edge. The mind is always trying to get somewhere, make things “better”, improve on things, strive, achieve, get things “just right”, the thing is– life is perfect as it is all the time.

On the Awakening journey we ask the mind to LET GO, TRUST and ACCEPT, it is quite a challenge for the mind as it is trying to protect you. You have been disappointed in the past, tried all sorts of “stuff”, some of it worked to a point, but your still , “not there”, so why is this letting go stuff any different? If I let go, what may happen?

Once you start to receive Grace Blessings and engage the teachings found in the essential book, “The TRUE You” and in the FREE self paced online course, things start to FLOW, life gets easier somehow and the mind, well…..the mind starts to RELAX and be able to let go because it realizes this is DIFFERENT, this is WORKING!

Once the mind realizes this works it will give you its full support in moving ahead on this journey!! Until then– it will be suspicious……let it be. Ask the mind to open just a crack, seeing if this works.

Everything is perfect and in balance all the time. Even though your mind may not see it as such. As you allow the energy of Divine Grace in, your limiting beliefs begin to fall away one by one, and this perfection of life will reveal itself to you–you begin to see the perfection everywhere and in everything.

There is no way to push away thoughts and find peace. Any thoughts you have that you cannot accept will eventually consume your mind and destroy any peace you do have. When we have resistance to a memory, sensation, or feeling, it causes your entire reality to be slanted. Anytime you find yourself feeling strongly for or against something, (this is push and pull energy), just know that you are being enslaved and caught in the illusion that only that position exists and is real.

The secret to liberation is to master the mind. This cannot be done through controlling, avoiding or ignoring your thoughts, but by seeing them for what they are. They are just thoughts!!!!! YOU are NOT your thoughts!! Some thoughts are sweet and loving, some judgmental, some good, some not so good.

How you react to these thoughts is what makes you into a Victor or a victim. The person who has mastered their relationship with their mind has learned how to welcome each thought in with open arms. Not making ANY thought wrong or bad, notice the second you feel ashamed, scared, fearful of a thought, you push against it, it is like you are denying something within yourself, you feel your auric field shrivel up, contract and you feel—–BAD.

The true master allows the thoughts to come on in, have a seat, gives them a hug, says hello, and gives then a cup of nice hot cocoa!! Talk to the thoughts, find out where they originated from? Talk to them like you would any friend. You will find yourself entering the divine sanctuary of your soul. In this sacred place and space, your thoughts shift, change, take on a different hue and become seen as the enlightened gifts they are. Each thought is a clue to discovering your greatest treasure…. spiritual awakening.

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