Practicing trust

The person who chooses to trust each experience understands deep within them that each experience is the RIGHT experience.  It cannot be any other way.

Trusting is a practice.

Practicing “trust” will help you to grow, blossom, and become a blissfully radiant–glowing being.

Here is the great part– what you have been seeking your whole life is already here.  YOU are the Divine Being you are seeking. This is the BIGGEST Cosmic Joke of ALL :)

All that is needed to connect with this Divine presence that is YOU is to OPEN to the EXPERIENCE, RECEIVE the experience (this is why people that start to receive Grace Blessings begin to have a connection with the Divine they had been “looking for” their entire lives) then we need to quiet your mind chatter, get still, and listen to the silence within.

“Be STILL and KNOW that I AM GOD–I AM the LIGHT of the WORLD”

This quote takes on NEW meaning, once you have had the DIRECT EXPERIENCE.

Learning to enter “Presence” is the fastest, most effective way I know to enter this quiet mind state and LIVE from that place.  This is beyond mindfullness–there are no “practices” you must do every day.

There are portals.  And once someone who is living in Presence brings you into presence, you can enter very very easily :)

Connecting with the Presence within and practicing TRUST is your passage to freedom.  Once in “Presence” a pure unbounded state of consciousness will shine brighter and burn through any gripping fears within you over time.

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