Relax and trust that every experience is the “right” experience…..get quiet and listen closely to what the Universe is communicating to you.

The Universe is highly intelligent and EVERYTHING is being orchestrated by an unseen, all powerful force that listens and responds to your every thought, need and desire.

The Universe knows you better than you know you :)

Are you listening to the Universe?

Or are you tuned into a continuous pattern of thoughts, beliefs and stories in your head from past conditioning?

(Learning to get into “Presence” eliminates and/or reduces this GREATLY if people are interested in this find info down below!)

When you can live your life just ONE day from this relaxed space, you’ll FEEL this connection and hear the messages the Universe is communicating to you.

The Universe is conscious, intelligent and truly knows what you really need. When we let go of trying to control ourselves, others and life, PEACE HAPPENS!

When you are at peace you can hear the guidance that is leading you towards your life mission.

Give yourself the gift of life and relax!

“Presence” is a way of life that assists you in living in the NOW moment.  In the NOW “mistakes” from the past and “worries” over the future are gone, as you experience your True, Authentic Nature, your Divine Nature.  There is an easy, effortless way to enter “Presence” that is beyond mindfulness and is very fast.  Foregoing dogma and lengthy exercises or “methodologies”.  The portals to entering “Presence” that have been recently discovered within the past year are effective and most people can enter this state in under two minutes.

I know this may sound too good to be true, but it is.  Eckhart Tolle ripened the field of resonance for this discovery to be made more readily available to the masses, we are forever grateful to him for being ready, willing and open to fully embody and anchor this gift HERE and NOW.

Won’t you join us in living a life in Present Moment Awareness, living your Authenticity, free of the mind, it’s limiting stories and beliefs, LIVING LIFE FULL OUT, the way it was intended?

Presence Courses, shattering the 3D illusion of the mind trap is offered the first weekend in January 2013 Jan 5 & 6 10:30-5 each day in Dover NH.  Enter the New Year as YOU, free, and liberated.  Contact to register.

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