Stay child-like not childish

Can you set an intention to explore everything in life with a childlike state of wonder and come to things like a curious little child?

Everyone has a childlike nature who loves to laugh, play and enjoy each and every moment of life.

Observe little children.

They come to everything totally open and curious. Everything is FUN, even stepping in a mud puddle!!

When you notice that you have become too serious about things in life, you are not fully experiencing the essence of it, in fact you are missing it all together!

Life is an amazing treasure hunt of fun, adventure and limitless exploration, when you allow your childlike innocence to shine through.

Practice being child-like, not childish big difference– you’ll find that time stands still and you have “all the time in the world”.

The juiciest part is that everything you engage in becomes a exploration of the Divine. This state of divine curiosity allows you to lightly flow through any “serious challenges” that may bubble up in the mind.

Simply remain as curious as you can. From this place of open curiosity you become free to explore the next possible experience that heads your way.

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