Staying uplifted!

An open, uplifted mind is the fertile soil necessary to plant and reap the plentiful bounty of your desires.

Minding your vibration and staying uplifted creates an energized state of mind.

We all wish to live in this place ONLY IF it is authentic and truly real.

Some ask, “is this possible or desirable to stay uplifted about life all the time?”

YES….It is possible, if you can constantly let go and surrender to the Divine within.

Sometimes we need more growth, change or diversity to enrich our life experience. Thus, we may fall into the trap of getting wrapped around a lower vibration of negative thinking.

Sometimes this is followed by a powerful urge to try and think only positive thoughts all the time. It’s good to know that everything in life, is temporary.

By keeping your mind OPEN you don’t have to try so hard to only think uplifted thoughts.

You can allow for ANY life experience to show up and simply open your mind to seeing the positive come out of it. It is a continual moment to moment choice to have an open uplifted mindset.

Simply INTEND, choose to have an open mind, and life will flow MUCH more smoothly all around.

If the mind becomes impatient and stays closed, embrace it with curiosity. Look on the bright side….the more doubt, disbelief, and resistance you have, the greater the transformation will be!

Here is a one month challenge…..simply intend to maintain an open mind and a relaxed heart (see yesterdays post for the exercise) for the next month, and the happiness, joy and ecstasy awaiting you is surely something to look forward to!!

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