When you can be appreciative for this very moment of your life, with all of the challenges, roller coaster of feelings and EVERYTHING that is occurring in the here and now… feel a sense of peace and trust for your future.

When you are trusting in the future of existence, great blessings will flow your way.

Your outer world may turn upside-down, though when you have trust, this grand “drama” is seen as an entertaining movie instead of a frightening nightmare.

Anchored in trust, your so deeply rooted that nothing can shake you, and if it does it is not for long.

This trust allows you to leave your house, travel into the world, and have new experiences with people that open your heart and inspire your soul.

With trust, you can have supportive, enriching, intimate relationships that open your heart to a higher purpose, mission and love.

Appreciate what is here now and trust effortlessly rises within you.

Through trusting your future you can see how devoted you are to your path and a master in training at practicing the art of surrender, letting go of control and going with the flow.

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