The Mind can set you free!

A truly free being has the option to follow and nibble on the thoughts that come into their mind or leave the thoughts alone and shift.

The free person HAS CHOICE.

Your true self really wants to be free from the incessant hamster wheel of the mind.

It wants to have the power of choice.

Awakened you can CHOOSE to chew on all sorts of thoughts or not.

The paradox of the mind is, it seems like we are a slave to it, but upon Awakening the mind sets us free as the quality of our thoughts change being more life supportive and the silence moves in and takes up residency.

We are mesmerized by the power of the mind and caught in the matrix of concepts, ides and beliefs it has formed.

We have all been taught since we were children that we must DO something, be “successful”, earn things that is what is important in life.

We’ve all bought into these thoughts, beliefs and ways of being because we “think” they will give us what we want in life.

The needing to DO, BE something or somewhere and all of the success in the world isn’t going to give you what you TRULY want.

It is only when you Awaken the mind, experience “Presence” which to me is pure consciousness,  that you’ll experience liberation and freedom.

Discovering the TRUE You is what will set you into the FLOW and help you to manifest what you really want in life.

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