The nutty helps to force you to Awaken

All the nutty, over the top, and sometimes insane seeming experiences that you’ve had in your life are all to awaken you.

If you can look at each experience as the necessary ingredients to provide the nutrients to create growth.

The “poop” of life occurs to provide the impetus to have you dive deep within your core where you are forced to expand, grow, stretch, moving you out of your comfort zone to discover more compassion, forgiveness, softness, love and that life is really an awesome journey!

We are all waking up in more ways than we realize as a world, as we have been unaware of the powerful Truth that We, each and every one of US are all Divine Co-creative Beings.

For WAY too long we have been asleep, and so we may need something quite radical and HUGE to shake us from our unconsciousness.  So whenever things occur in the outer illusion that frightens you, remember that it is the perfect ingredients from The Cosmos, and is meant to wake you up to realizing the TRUTH of who you are!

Grace Blessings awaken you to your Authentic self.  The journey is delicious!

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