The state of Samadhi

I find that Grace Blessings and the “Presence” training combined are the perfect cocktail for discovering your inner Divinity and Bliss.

Together they form a most complete and perfect Union for a powerful experience that transforms your entire life.

Since I have not studied with a lot of teachers, guru’s etc I come innocent, empty and simply ready to experience all that I can allow in at any given time.  I have come across the word “Samadhi”, not really understanding that I have experienced this state recently and am able to go into this state more often.

This is a Sanskrit word that literally means “the bliss from transcending the mind”.  Samadhi is a state of perfect “clear seeing” that recognizes the Divine within yourself, in all that is around you, and in every person you meet.

Sounds delicious yes??

This special and unique state is a profound experience where you discover deep joy, expansive feelings of amazing lightness,  vast love, and connection to Source.

This space of being opens you to your most Authentic self who is free from worry, fear and any attachment to this 3D reality. This is what it can feel like when you are deep in “presence.”

One who is living their life from this place feels tremendous love, oneness, and peace with every experience they have.  When you receive your first experience of this special state there comes with it a profound knowing that all is one, and that “oneness” is the pure essence of who you truly are.

I feel incredibly honored to have had an experience such as this.   I recognize that there is currently a “presence trainers training” occurring RIGHT NOW in VT and since I am in this field of resonance and deeply connected to the people giving the training, even though I am not physically present at the course I AM FEELING all of the energy being produced through such a powerful collective!!

For those that want to take their Enlightenment deeper, please continue on the Grace Blessings journey.  The Divine has created through me SO many products to support us all on this voyage.  The level 2 course, “Why walk when you can fly” really helps to befriend the mind even more making it your faithful servant and ally.  The course was also created to allow for more heart opening and increased self love.

“Presence” 2 day facilitator courses are offered almost every month.  The next 2 day courses scheduled are Oct 6 & 7 and Oct 20 & 21.  These are courses worth FLYING IN FOR!

The next 3 day retreat to Initiate more Grace Blessing Givers is scheduled for Dec 7, 8, 9th and INCLUDES the Presence training!!  Again, you will want to fly in for this one.  Being able to give Grace Blessings just as powerfully as I do is one of the greatest gifts and offerings you can possibly give someone!  I hope to see some of you at the next retreats!  If you are interested please email me at

Online courses that deepen your Awakening:

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