Trust in the Process of Life

Teach and retrain your body to trust the process of life!!

To get this process started, consciously release all tension that is stored in your body.

DO THIS NOW!!!!!  (No better time than the present eh?? )

Do a scan and check your jaw, shoulders, back and your breathing.

Focus on where you are holding on the most, and TENSE this part of your body up as much as possible and RELEASE, then tense it back up, and release, tense back up and release.

We are consciously exaggerating the tense and then consciously releasing.

As you release ask the body parts to relax, surrender, trust the process of life and let go.

Some people have the experience that a certain body part starts to communicate a particular cellular memory, hurt, burden or trauma that the part is holding on to.


Allow any fears, voices of doubt, objections to trusting the process of life dissolve, allow yourself to experience it all and it all will flow and move through you,  keep surrendering it up, letting go!

Trust that each experience you have in life is the RIGHT one.

This knowing and TRUTH can lift you up through challenging circumstances.

With trust in your heart you can feel inside your being that GRACE is leading you, guiding you and directing you.  And you can relax and enjoy your day to day life just a bit more :)

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