See, feel, allow, imagine that you are like a Rose, who is always opening and allowing, receiving the warmth and loving light from the Great Central Sun.

As a flower, you must also be open to experiencing ALL of the elements, the rain, winds, dust, dirt and weeds that grow around you.

Living your life like the Rose, you root yourself deep into fertile ground and welcome whatever experiences life brings you– ALL of them.

You know that all the experiences you attract are vital and key for your soul’s growth, allowing yourself to experience everything that comes your way fully.  This process of life creates someone with great strength as well as beauty.

When you cultivate unshakable trust that every experience is for your highest and greatest good, even when you don’t see it or understand it at the time……this trust helps you to stay open, receptive and available.

This staying OPEN, saying YES to life…..  is a golden ticket to happiness and peace, though you need absolute trust.

When you have absolute trust within, your outer life radiates a certain Divine quality that ALL is WELL always.

People feel it and you will inspire them to feelings of HOPE and peace as well.  Helping someone to tap into this TRUST is one of the greatest gifts you can give, it is a gift that is REAL:)

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One Response to Trust

  1. Yvette says:

    Wow, Erica this message literally brought tears to my eyes. I really needed to read this, as I am facing some very challenging issues right now. When I continue to ground myself and trust that spirit “has my back” life gets better and better. Thanks for this reminder.