Turn towards the Truth

Whenever we disconnect from our true source, our true nature and forget who we really are, it hurts us.

It is supposed to hurt when we disconnect from the TRUTH of us.

When we tell ourselves stories that are not true, you will feel pain, that pain lets you know, STOP IT!! “Your lying to yourself loved one, stop it.”

Keep this in the back of your mind as you go about your day, pay attention to your train of thought and if you notice that you feel bad, pay attention to your thoughts……surely you will find that in some way you were telling yourself a story that isn’t true, believing stuff about yourself that isn’t true, believing things about others that isn’t true, seeing things through a lens of a LIE.

That us why Jesus said, “You shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free!!”

Align with the truth, think patterns of thought that are true and you’ll feel GREAT, continuously during the day keep turning towards the TRUTH. HOW do I do that you ask?

As you notice the story your telling yourself, the belief your holding about yourself or someone else…..ask, “What is the TRUTH here?” “What is the most EMPOWERING thing I can tell myself about this?”

Whatever is the most empowering is also closest to the truth. :)

The Divine is ultimate empowerment and truth…..also love.

So the last part of this message is, SOFTEN, how can you soften towards yourself a little more right now?

How can you soften your attitude towards others? Towards life? Soften and as you soften you open and as you open you receive!!

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