Walk through the FIRE!

The journey of Awakening is the RICHEST journey you can travel!!

As you begin to receive Grace Blessings and travel through the FREE self paced online course, as you read the TRUE You, or any other source you are receiving Grace Blessings from, whether through private sessions or through the CD programs found on www.shop.ericarock.com, keep in mind that wounds you’ve never fully made peace with and any relationships you’ve had that also need attention, peacemaking and healing can and often do bubble up within this Enlightenment journey.

At the very core of a lot of this hurt is powerlessness, and it can feel so powerful and  dark and OUCHY, so be sure to take the LIGHT of awareness with you as you journey on!

Sometimes when we understand and KNOW that this “stuff” coming up is simply a part of the process, we can relax a bit.

Take note that anything that is “up” is only UP TO BE HEALED COMPLETELY, or it would not be UP!!  It is coming UP for ILLUMINATION, to get your attention!!

“Hey friend, I am in here HURTING, vibrating and creating in your reality and I want your attention!!!!!”  “Ouch Ouch ouch……pay attention to ME!!!!!”

If you are brave enough to dive into the pure sensation of it located within the BODY…..and be a friend to your deepest pain.  BING BING BING……..

This is the key to true life mastery.

Sit with your illusion of powerlessness, open your arms and EMBRACE this…. it is nothing more than a limiting belief keeping you “stuck” in life, recreating the same “shit” over an over.

When you can sit with this you have just crossed a right of passage and started on your way to becoming a WHOLE hue-man being and your “anger” will organically shift into a yummy lust for life. I can assure you, promise you…..  at the core of powerlessness is the greatest peace.  Walk through the fire, allow the fire to BURN you to ashes and you will re-emerge BORN AGAIN!!


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