Where's your focus?

sacredness of silence
Creative Commons License photo credit: AlicePopkorn – on retreat

Do you REALLY want what you think you want?

You have GOT to be MORE committed to being excited about what you want than you are interested in complaining, being focused on the fact it hasn’t shown up yet, where is it?  Why do they have it and I don’t? and so on…..if you are MORE focused on all of that you are no where close to being in vibrational harmony of receiving it.

Grace Blessings help with this because as you start to unfold into your authentic self you lose the desire to speak negatively, think negatively……you have no desire to keep telling that old sad story.

You get so committed to FEELING GOOD and being happy you wouldn’t dream of allowing sad ole’ storytelling to take up ANY of your Bliss space.

And you start to get sensitive to other people being negative, it feels so bad so fast, you quickly change the subject, find a reason to get out of there, or look at them straight and say, “can we stop talking about this it feels BAD!”

The Grace really helps you get your WORTHINESS and SELF LOVE and from that place your not interested in replaying old painful scenarios in your mind because you realize YOUR HURTING YOURSELF. You no longer want to do that.

Get honest with yourself……are you addicted to your pain, your negativity? Are you getting some secondary gain by staying in this place?

If you answer YES. Don’t beat yourself up. SOFTEN, be gentle with yourself, give it over to the Presence and ask the Presence to assist you in shifting this vibrational habit. That is all it is, a vibrational habit.


Dream assignments work wonders for these places of high resistance.

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