You are not your thoughts!

Most people believe that their thoughts ARE Reality.

You may think that you don’t have the option to step back from your thoughts at all.

You’ve had certain patterns of thought for so long, day after day, year after year you begin to become so accustomed to this way of thinking you may think it is normal, or your stuck with it and “this is just the deal I’ve been dealt”?

Warning…these thoughts are wolves in sheep clothing.

Your not “stuck” with anything and everything can change.

Practice stepping back from your thoughts just for one day and see what happens.

Get a bird’s eye view on the entire picture of what is occurring, and then step back from that thought inside your mind.   Explore the experience of watching your thoughts with detachment.

Unclutching from the thoughts all starts with being present to your OWN sweet presence, instead of the thoughts.  Feel what is inside your heart instead of what’s up in your mind.  A soft simple pure awareness is always there, resting as the core of you.

Grace Blessings really help people begin to detach from the mind and bring radical inner peace.  Start the journey TODAY with this FREE self paced online course:

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