You are Perfect just as you are

Want a quick way to feel lighter, brighter, happier, more peaceful??

Allow yourself to BE exactly as you are.

How does it FEEL to know you are perfect, whole and complete– as is?

Perfect, whole and complete WITH all your humanness– shortcomings, character defects, weirdness, issues, you are in your PERFECTION NOW–all is as it should be, including YOU and your life.

Your life is what it is right now for the most optimal growth, opening and expansion.

Does knowing this fundamental TRUTH bring you some peace?

Let’s take this a little further.

All of your beliefs you currently have–those are also PERFECT as they are in this NOW moment.

I am not suggesting you need to cleave to all of your beliefs for eternity, simply saying that your beliefs are perfect right now, for now.

Pushing against or making any part of you wrong just bums you out and lowers your vibration……it also creates suffering, because there is something underlying there saying– I am not good enough and loveable just as I AM and that is a crock of poopie ca ca.

When you can ALLOW, embrace and welcome all of YOU with an open heart, you can forgive yourself and love your life as it is right now.

The deeper you can drop into the feeling of self-acceptance,which is akin to self love, the more delicious simply sitting in stillness–simply BEING becomes.

Self-acceptance brings feelings of self love, peace and inner calm.

If you want more of this in your life….. you can totally accept yourself as you are now–CHOOSE THIS– INTEND THIS, thus creating a domino effect of AWESOMENESS into every aspect of your life.

To begin your journey of self love and acceptance check this out :

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