Your Mind is ALWAYS trying to HELP YOU

YOUR MIND IS YOUR FRIEND and is ALWAYS trying to help you.

To help you see where you may be out of alignment with the truth of yourself.  Where you may be holding onto a limiting belief, where you may be lying to yourself.  Where you may need to forgive yourself or someone else.  The fact remains, your mind is your ally and is always trying to help you regain wholeness, to heal, to open, expand, grow and awaken to your highest potential. To LIVE your GLORY.

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We misunderstand our mind and what it is trying to do.

Often as we are going about our day our mind may replay a painful scenario over and again from the past.  Maybe in the scenario you have hurt someone or done something that was out of alignment with who you are and it leaves you feeling guilty, sad or ashamed.  Have you ever wondered WHY your mind keeps replaying that same situation?


Maybe the scenario is one where someone from the past hurt you with their actions or words.  Why does the mind keep playing it over and over??  Sometimes even obsessively!!

In both cases the mind is using the screen of your mind in that exact moment to show you that you either need to forgive yourself or forgive someone else.  That experience, the energy of it is still living and vibrating within you, that is WHY it has bubbled up on the screen of your mind to give you an OPPORTUNITY to HEAL.

It can feel as though the mind is tormenting or torturing you, attacking you.  This is a gross misunderstanding.  Where there is misunderstanding there is fear, trepidation and often resistance.

When we understand that our mind is ALWAYS trying to serve and help us, we can see the once perceived negative thought/experience as an OPPORTUNITY for GROWTH and HEALING!!

So if you notice your mind going over a situation from the past where you hurt someone and still feel bad about it, or someone hurt you and there is a resentment there, understand this, your mind is going to keep replaying it UNTIL you peace make, forgive, release and LET IT GO!!  Then the mind is likely to NEVER play it again, and if it does you will be completely NEUTRAL about it!

Isn’t this a very different way of coming to our mind??  Read on it gets better!!

Forgiveness of self and others is not the only thing the mind tries to show us.

Often throughout the day our mind begins to tell scary stories, goes into “what if” thinking and you find yourself worried about money, health, career, relationship etc your mind is likely showing you where you have a LIMITING BELIEF that is vibrating within you and thus creating in your reality, or where you are “lying” to yourself…….again your mind is trying to HELP YOU, you want to know what is vibrating within you and creating in your experience yes?

The TRUTH is always empowering, opening, light, freeing, expansive.

Lies are heavy, draining, tight and make us feel bad.

Throughout the day pay attention to how you FEEL.  If you are feeling peaceful and happy then all of a sudden your mood dips track back to what were you just thinking prior to the mood shift?

Chances are you were lying to yourself somehow, trying to sell yourself a bunch of untruths, or a limiting belief of some sort popped up.  The result will always be the same, BAD FEELINGS.  Those bad feelings are trying to let you know to TURN AWAY from that thought, because it simply is not true.

So let’s break it down. Your mind will kick up and show you where you need to 1. forgive someone else, 2. forgive yourself. 3. shift a limiting belief. Any negative scenarios running amuck in your mind will STOP once you have shifted the limiting belief, stopped lying to yourself or forgiven. The KEY thing to ask yourself if you have become aware of a limiting belief or a story that your telling yourself that is a lie is, “WHAT IS TRUE?”

When you GIVE the Universe a question it must GIVE you an answer, this is law.

The moment you ask what is true you are placing the LIGHT of TRUTH onto the situation, your mind, body and life and you will feel an internal shift.

Thank goodness your mind, being the good servant it is, showed you where you had something to clean up within yourself so you CAN be free, so you CAN Awaken even more!!

remember …..your mind is your ally, always trying to HELP YOU.

The Divine will use your mind to show you where you are out of alignment with yourself. So if you find yourself feeling BAD, whatever flavor that manifests for you, ask “what was I just thinking about? and look to what category it falls into, forgiveness or shifting/letting go of a limiting belief.

Once you can authentically FORGIVE, your mind will NOT replay the scenario again and if it does, you will not be triggered! Shift the limiting belief and again your mind doesn’t go there.

As you continue to stay awake and aware, shift things as they come up for illumination,  resolve limiting beliefs , forgive,watch your mind get quieter and more peaceful.  Your heart more open.

This one thing could change the way you relate to your mind and emotions forever if you really get it. Because the next time you feel bad you actually get excited because you are now going on a treasure hunt……the treasure you ask?? Your FREEDOM!

And you go to your mind like a curious child……”ok where is my power locked up?” “Who do I need to forgive or what belief am I holding that is holding me back? “I know you are trying to show me right now and I know that because I feel off so let’s find that treasure and get even MORE FREE!” Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

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